SANSKRITI: Indian Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam in Kalakshetra style) and Carnatic Vocal School based in Ilford, UK.

Sanskriti: is an institution for Indian dance classes and Indian Music classes dedicated to the performing arts. It is a selective dance school in the UK, where the focus is primarily Indian Classical art forms deeply rooted in the traditional way of training students. Sanskriti: strives to provide a culturally enriching learning environment to the members of the community – youngsters and adults alike. It was founded by Smt. Shruti Sriram in 2000 in the US and currently based in East London, (Essex, UK)

Sanskriti: means culture – the name was carefully chosen for the acronym to read South Asian Natya (dance) Sangita (music) Kriya (performing, theatre, acting) Iti: (all aspects associated with learning, teaching and performing the art forms)

Shruti works with her mother Smt. Pushkala Gopal – a renowned Bharatanatyam dancer, classical dance teacher, Indian Karnatic vocal music teacher, choreographer, musician and performer, who was also artistic director Mudralaya, Est. 1984.

Sanskriti: welcomes students of all ages 4 and above to train in the classical dance form –Bharatanatyam and Karnatic Vocal. Quality teaching in music (vocal) and dance teaching is delivered in the Kalakshetra Style of Bharatanatyam alongside south Indian classical (Carnatic) vocal music.

At Sanskriti: , intensive –structured music and dance training is provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners on all aspects: theory, techniques (pure nritta), communication through facial expressions (abhinaya) and practical application of knowledge to enhance performance skills (theatre, rendering musical compositions as individuals or ensembles).

Since dance in any form is synonymous with rhythm and music, Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Vocal are taught in conjunction to most students so a natural connection is made with the art forms. The goal is to help music and dance students develop their creativity while learning to appreciate the intricacies as they progress through the interesting and wonderful journey, using their artistic abilities and imagination.