Abirami Namasivayam

Abirami Namasivayam began her Bharatanatyam training at the age of 5, with Smt Pushkala Gopal and Sri Unnikrishnan (mudralaya). She has performed in various shows including, Arangam, Return of the Srping, Queen’s Jubilee, Trafalgar Square Diwali Show, Parliament – Art Festival. She has also conducted workshops in India with her Guru and has performed across Europe, Canada and Australia.

Since staging her Arangetram in 2003, she has had the opportunity to work with leading artistes including; Savitri Jaganath Rao, Mavin Khoo, Priyadharshini Govind, prof. chandrasekhar, Rajkumar Bharathi and Shane Shambhu (also a student of Smt. Pushkala Gopal) to mention a few. Abirami performs and choreographs items of her own for university shows and competitions, paying particular attention to contemporary themes that aim to raise awareness of issues close to home. She has shared her creative work for the past two years in her show, ‘Uravugal – our Kith and Kin.’ Such projects have given her the opportunity to work with some of the UK’s most talented and upcoming youths.
Abirami is currently a 4th year Medical student at King’s College London.